Overcoming the Stigma of Counseling to Get Help for Your Marriage

Proverbs 11:2b states that with humility comes wisdom. James 4 tells us that God shows favor to the humble. Yet, even for the most humble among us, taking the leap of faith to reach out for marriage counseling can be extremely difficult. Why is this?

Making a joint decision to attend marriage counseling means you have to face your problems and admit you and your spouse are on shaky ground. That can be incredibly scary to admit. It’s not dissimilar to thinking something may be wrong with your health, but you’re too nervous to face the issue and instead keep praying it will just go away. As you continue to ignore the issue, it only grows bigger, even while help, relief, and healing are within reach.

Beyond having to admit that you and your partner have problems, there’s also the discomfort of not being familiar with the therapy process. It can definitely feel a bit mysterious and scary sitting down with a total stranger and sharing personal information about your relationship.

For these reasons, far too many couples let their marriage issues sit on the back burner, percolating. But the better option is to nip an issue in the bud before it builds to disconnection, resentment, and lack of intimacy.

Those who reach out for help for their marriages show great wisdom. We think nothing of stopping in at a restaurant when our body needs food, stopping to fill up our vehicle's gas tank when the fuel gage is approaching empty, or scheduling a coach to work with our child to better their sports game. In fact, we would consider those actions wise, because it shows that we are being responsible stewards and/or pursuing growth.

In the same sense, those who proactively seek an objective guide for their marriage when one or both spouses is stuck show great wisdom and the humility to which God calls us.

Even while this is true, we rightfully may hold the matters that cause pain or confusion in our marriages as private issues. Our stories are sacred and deserve to be treated as such. It can be unsettling to sit in an unfamiliar room and discuss our most deeply held values and hurts.

With that in mind, Covenant Counseling Center offers marriage counseling via telehealth so that you do not have to worry that you will bump into an inquisitive friend as you enter a counselor's office. You can receive support and guidance from the comfort of the space of your choosing, whether it is together at home or in separate offices during your lunch hours. This is an ideal solution for busy couples, as there is no commute time.

If in your marriage you are struggling with broken trust, toxic behaviors, arguing, a devastating event, lack of communication and conflict resolution skills, or anything else causing pain, distance, or confusion, please reach out to Covenant Counseling Center today. We will humbly sit with you, listen, pray, and seek God's Word and heart for healing for your marriage.