Does Online Couple’s Therapy Work?

The global pandemic brought with it many temporary life changes. One that has stuck around is telehealth/telecare. Couples seeking guidance for their relationship issues continue to use online therapy due to its many benefits. At Covenant Counseling Center, ordained PCA pastor and licensed professional counselor Matt Uldrich exclusively offers marriage and relationship counseling via telecare.

What is Online Couple’s Therapy?

Online couples therapy, otherwise referred to as telehealth or telecare, offers the same benefits as face-to-face therapy, with the added convenience and privacy of getting the help and support you need at home. Usually, sessions are held via video chat and with the couple in the same location. However, online couples therapy can be particularly beneficial for those couples who are dealing with the stress of living apart for various reasons, fitting in a counseling session over a work lunch break while in separate locations, and a variety of other reasons.

Some other reasons couples may choose to try online therapy as opposed to face-to-face therapy:

  • It’s easier for those couples with busy schedules

  • Convenient for those couples who live far away from their therapist

  • Avoids the stress of driving in heavy traffic

  • Couples may not want to be seen by anyone in their local community walking into a therapist’s office

  • It offers ironclad privacy for couples who may not want to be seen walking into a counseling office

  • When one or both partners has a disability that makes attending in-person therapy more challenging

  • A skilled professional Christian counselor is difficult to find. Online therapy allows for distances to be bridged so that couples can meet with someone of the caliber of Covenant Counseling Center's Matt Uldrich.

Online therapy follows a similar model to traditional therapy and in most cases, therapists do nearly everything online that they do in person. The only real difference is that it may take a little bit longer to get comfortable with each other, as human beings tend to connect more when they are in each other’s physical space. But once the connection has been made and everyone feels comfortable, there is no real difference in how sessions are conducted. Covenant Counseling Center's marriage counselor Matt Uldrich has a true gift for bridging the gap and creating an environment of safety and comfort.

When Online Couples Therapy is Not a Good Idea

While online couples therapy can be very effective and beneficial to a majority of couples, there are those situations when it would not be suitable. One example is in the case of domestic violence. Couples therapy, whether online or over the internet, treats both partners as equal in the relationship and aims to save the marriage. But when there is abuse and/or violence, the partners are not equal (ie, partners are not contributing equally to the problems) and the goal should not be to keep a victim in a dangerous relationship.

Some other instances where online therapy may not be suitable:

  • If the couple has outdated technology and/or can’t access the internet

  • One or both partners has severe depression, mental illness, or is suicidal

Again, for a majority of couples, online therapy can be very beneficial and even preferred. If you’d like to explore treatment options and do so online, please reach out to Covenant Counseling Center. We'd be happy to discuss how we may be able to help.